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Grundfos and Water Well Trust supports a California local with a well system after a wildfire.

Grundfos supports a California a well system after a wildfire. (1)

Grundfos and Water Well Trust supports a California local with a well system after a wildfire.

By: Grundfos

On September 8, 2020, a wildfire in Berry Creek, CA, tore through Bette Helm’s neighborhood and burned down her home. Wildfires are a common threat to families and individuals living in wooded areas in California, and Berry Creek was no exception. Grundfos had the opportunity to interview Bette and her experience. “The fire pretty much took all of Berry Creek, except for, I think, three houses. And I’m not sure how many were lost, but we feel very fortunate to have gotten out at that time.”

Grundfos supports a California a well system after a wildfire. (1)

When living out in a remote area such as Berry Creek, you need many essentials, water being the most important. Bette, years before the wildfire, like many neighbors, built a well. She had a well dug and installed a solar pump, coupled with a few solar panels. Her setup allowed the water to gravity feed to her house, with minimal problems, and savings on electricity. Unfortunately, the fire took the whole system out, melting the tanks, the top of the well, and the solar panels. This resulted in a total well loss.

Grundfos supports a California a well system after a wildfire. (1)

Bette found out about the Water Well Trust, a non-profit organization that assists individuals and families who have no access to running water. She sent over an application and was looking for a one percent loan on a well system. Instead, she was given a grant for a new well system and more. Bette adds, “… when they told me about this grant, I was just so stunned. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t believe it. And I realized then that I would have enough money to do the other stuff that was needed to get started”. Precision Pumps, the authorized well builder, built the new well by installing a Grundfos pump and replacing the solar panels. “Having the water restored is the first step in rebuilding” says Bette, one year after the fire.

Grundfos supports a California a well system after a wildfire. (1)

The SQFlex, a renewable submersible pump used to build her well, can be installed just about anywhere. Tom Drew, Grundfos’ Technical Sales Manager, details just how great of a fit this pump is for the well project. He says, “… It’s a very unique product in the fact that it can run both AC and DC power… and it’s been used in some very remote villages and refugee camps around the world. So, it’s a great product anywhere you need water that’s in a very rural area”. In addition, Bette is off the grid and does not have power available, but she has an abundance of sunlight, making the SQFlex a perfect addition.

Grundfos is in the water business with you
As a pioneer and global leader in water pump technology, Grundfos creates intelligent, sustainable solutions to help solve the world’s water and climate challenges. Through their heritage, they have the experience and innovative capabilities to help their partners, customers and communities move water in an increasingly energy and water efficient manner. Grundfos sees this as not only a great business opportunity, but as an obligation to ensure the world heads toward a more sustainable tomorrow. Their complete portfolio of pumps and solutions are designed for commercial, residential, groundwater, municipal and industrial applications with emphasis in trendsetting, energy efficient technologies such as permanent magnet motors and advanced pump controls and monitoring. Because water matters, and so does your business.

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