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Food & Beverage Applications Rely on Geared Motors from Altra Industrial Motion


Every manufacturing process needs to transport products through the various stations to create the finished product; the food and beverage industry is no exception. From packaging to bulk transport, a large percentage of the work is done by conveyors, so the reliability and effectiveness of the drive systems are crucial to the productivity of the manufacturer. Below are a couple instances where geared motors provided a reliable solution for food processing operations.

Bakery Wrapping Machine Infeed Conveyors Rely on Bauer BS Series Geared Motors

A leading U.S. manufacturer of automated flow wrapping systems needed reliable drives for use on its machine’s infeed conveyors. The series of conveyors move bakery items, including bread and pastries, into the wrapping machine. Accurate speed control of the singulation, profile, accumulation and metering conveyors is critical to prevent downtime and waste caused by jamming and damage of the food products inside the wrapping machine.

To meet the application requirements, Bauer Model BS10 single-stage geared motors were selected over competitive models based on previous successful installations. The 0.12 kW BS10 worm gear units supplied feature a torque rating of 59 lb.ft. (80 Nm) and a reduction ratio of 152.7:1. All BS Series units feature a rugged gearbox housing designed for operation under harsh conditions. The compact closed housing preventing lubricant loss and dirt build-up. BS geared motors are an economical solution for applications such as this with small torques and low speeds.

Geared Motors for Pizza Packaging Line Conveyors utilize Bauer BK Series

One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies needed an efficient, reliable drive for a pizza packaging line in one of its plants in Italy. The drives power shrink wrapping machine infeed conveyors. The facility had been using traditional stainless steel motors rated at 70-80 Hz. However, to boost production, the speed was increased to 80-90 Hz which created excessive heat causing the drives to fail.

After a careful analysis of the conveyor application demands, Bauer engineers recommended a BK Series right angle bevel geared motor for improved efficiency compared to worm gear solutions. The Model BK06 supplied features a PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) that reduces heat losses from the rotor by 100% and total losses by approximately 25%, while increasing total efficiency by 10% or more. This improved performance translates into lower total cost of ownership, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and ongoing savings that buffer against future increases in energy costs.

Because PMSM motors provide efficiency at a wide range of speeds, it allowed the conveyor line speed to be adjusted up to 80 RPM when needed to meet production schedule targets. Compact Bauer BK Series models are completely enclosed and sealed against dust and moisture. A hardened wear sleeve and spray ring ensure leak-free performance.

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