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Concrete Volute Pumps For Flood Control


Concrete Volute Pumps For Flood Control

By: Flowserve

Flowserve developed the first concrete volute pumps in the 1930s to drain and protect low-lying lands in Holland. Today, Flowserve is the world’s leading provider of concrete volute pumps for flood control and other high-capacity water applications. Able to pump up to 800,000 gallons of water per minute, Flowserve CVP concrete volute pumps have a well-earned reputation for trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. You’ll find these workhorses the world over in demanding flood projects, where reliability and durability are critical. Recent notable projects include the Afsluitdijk, the largest dam and causeway in Europe, and the Trinity River Corridor Project in Dallas, which marks the first time concrete volute pumps were used for flood management in the U.S.

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