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PIPE-FLO® PROFESSIONAL v16.1 vs Excel® Spreadsheets


The traditional approach for sizing pipelines in fluid piping systems is done using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Excel®. Spreadsheets provide a platform for organizing data and performing the single pipeline calculations for pipeline friction loss.

However, to sustain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, it is critical to consider new technology that provides a total system view of the piping system.

A clearer picture can be better obtained by using a fluid flow program like Engineered Software, Inc.’s PIPE-FLO® Professional v16.1.



One platform: PIPE-FLO® Professional v16.1 brings all the pieces of a piping system together – including the calculations – so the user doesn’t have to move back and forth between programs.

Automatic updates: Changes to the system automatically update calculations, so your operating data is always current and accurate; no re-entry required.

Proof of protection: Formulas are built in, so even if someone retires or takes a vacation, there will be no legacy spreadsheets that could be irreparably lost or accidentally altered.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words: Spreadsheets are difficult to maintain and do not offer a view of the entire system. With PIPE-FLO® Professional v16.1, users can graphically visualize system operation, simulate changing conditions and quickly communicate designs plant-wide. PIPE-FLO® also aids in communication with graphical representations of all aspects to a system as well as presentation modes to assist in clear and understandable demonstrations.

Guaranteed accuracy: PIPE-FLO® allows users to design, validate and troubleshoot the entire system before it is built. After the system is up and running, PIPE-FLO® allows users to determine where problems are and how much they cost.

Enhances ROI: Systems can be simulated, maintained and optimized for maximum profitability. Users can design, validate and troubleshoot an entire system before it is even built. After the system is up and running, PIPE-FLO® allows users to determine problems and how much they will cost.

These features, along with a robust network calculation engine, provide a clearer picture of the piping system. While spreadsheets can organize data, and perform a variety of calculations, fluid flow network analysis programs like PIPE-FLO® Professional v16.1 bring  ease of use to a new level, aiding in communication and calculations while allowing users to visualize piping systems efficiently and effectively.

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