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The Empowering Pumps & Equipment Sustainability Challenge

Sustainability Challenge

The Empowering Pumps & Equipment Sustainability Challenge

As our team prepares to attend the AHR Expo, ideas around Sustainability spring to mind. How can we help our world be more sustainable?

One thing we know is that we must Connect, Inform, and Educate so that more efficient pumping systems can be researched, designed, implemented, operated and maintained. We also understand that there are so many installed systems in place that need to be retrofitted with better, more energy-efficient and water conscious equipment. Because Empowering Pumps & Equipment is not a manufacturing company, we were pondering how we can help with improvements in this area of Sustainability. An idea suggested to us was to take this question to our network. For this reason, we want to ask: “While you are preparing for the AHR Expo, what can you do to make your trade show experience more sustainable?”

We decided to create a #SustainabilityChallenge similar to the ‘icebucket challenge’. We will communicate through social media to share what we are doing to have a sustainability-focused time at AHR Expo, and we will be challenging the #PumpTalk Community (manufacturers, exhibitors, attendees, etc.) to have sustainability in mind as well. We will tag your company or social handle in our posts, so you know we are challenging you.

In speaking with the organizers of the AHR Expo, they mentioned a few things they do to be conscientious; this includes:

  • Operating shuttle buses from all of the hotels participating in their housing program;
  • AHR Expo has an app to reduce the need for printed Show Directories and therefore they print much fewer Directories than they have historically.
  • The show organizers encourage digital drives for press kits, and
  • Online registration, which also contributes to the reduction of paper and other waste onsite.

These are some ideas our team came up with around how we can reduce our waste and carbon footprint before, during, and after the show:

  • Take Shuttles to and from the airport and convention center;
  • Bring our water bottles and have a no single-use plastic bottle/cup policy;
  • Purchase reusable banners for booth displays;
  • Print brochures without dates to avoid adding to the disposal stream;
  • Turn of water while brushing your teeth;
  • Thank an operator for clean water;
  • Thank a manufacturer while at the event that has created an innovative product or technology with sustainability in mind.
  • Email literature to the attendees instead of giving out brochures that might just get thrown away;
  • Ask airlines, hotels, and local businesses what they are doing to be more sustainable; see if any of those actionable items can be shared through social media to spread awareness and also if any can be implemented at your own company / household;
  • Promote energy efficient technology and booths at AHR who are mindful of their waste.

With COP25 taking place right now and the upcoming U.S. Department of Energy regulations for pumps going into effect in January 2020, we believe there is more that we can do, so let’s raise awareness about things we can *do* to become more Sustainable.

We are letting you know about this challenge in advance, so you can plan for it.  Think about what you want to say and/or how your company supports a more sustainable and energy efficient world.

Tag @empoweringpumps and @ahrexpo and use the hashtags #Sustainability #AHRExpo #PumpTalk to share posts of what you are doing at home and during the event to be more sustainable!

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