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Replacing Custom Pressure Seals and Packings during Outage


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“On March 20th, 2019, we had to custom engineer 32 graphite pressure seals and ship them same day to multiple aftermarket customers who had to replace pressure seals and packings during their outage periods,” explains said Rob Garlock, EGC Engineer. “Some of the pressure seals were small – measuring just 6” in diameter. Others were as large as 18”. Regardless, every pressure seal takes the same time to custom design to fit the application. Fortunately, EGC has the engineering staff to support this workload.

“It definitely wasn’t easy,” states Garlock. “The condition of a valve in a power plant changes as it moves from a brand-new installation to when it’s time to be repaired. Among other things, the valve may be steam cut, have pitted surfaces, could be oversized or even out-of-round. So at EGC, we must look at the valve as it is right now, not as it was when it was brand new.”

According to Stu Padgett, Corporate Purchasing for Industrial Valve in Mobile, Alabama, and an EGC customer, “They’ve all got to be dead-tight! We’ve got to have a 100% seal on every one of them. The concern is the valve could be 50 years old. Any part you put in there may be less than perfect, but the VSG graphite seal is so forgiving that you don’t need perfect parts to get a 100% seal. They seal every time.”

The high-density VSG Graphite pressure seal is resilient, so it guards against high cycling. It’s a direct replacement for metal seals and won’t fuse to valve components. In time studies, you can save nearly 75% of your time installing graphite over metal. It works in out-of-round, oversize, steam-cut and pitted bonnet cavities. It’s custom engineered for each individual application. Best of all, it’s delivered in 48 hours. Same day, if necessary! That’s exactly what EGC did on March 20th – and they did it 32 times!

There’s a big difference between 32 pressure seals and 32 custom designed pressure seals all in a single day. Find out why EGC is the fastest on the planet. Give us a call at 440.285.5830 or check out our website at egcgraphite.com.

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