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Drive Source International/Dynamatic® Announces new Regional Sales Engineer


(DSI) Drive Source International / Dynamatic® is pleased to announce that Jennifer Ludlum has joined our team as Regional Sales Engineer. In this position, Jennifer will focus on engineering customer service, while growing the DSI/Dynamatic® Representatives network in the Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater markets.

Jennifer Ludlum holds a BSME in Mechanical Engineer from Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA. She has a comprehensive background as a maintenance engineer with marketing, and sales management experience. “I want to take my knowledge and develop educational training sessions for engineers and end-users.” Jennifer continues. “Increasing the number of our presentations, will bring opportunity for variable speed eddy current applications where VFD’s are not the best fit.”  She also has a wide-range of experience in providing support of total system solutions to end users, and working closely with specification writers, engineers and contractors in the Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater market.

Jennifer is ready to bring Drive Source International/ Dynamatic® variable speed eddy current drives & digital controls to the market to share the advantages of its proven technology.  “I am thrilled to build on the rich history of the Dynamatic® name, while focusing on the total system solutions that DSI/Dynamatic® brings.” Ludlum said.  “This is a product line with a variety of potential applications, offering large benefits and opportunities for customers and end-users.”

Drive Source International/Dynamatic® is the world’s leader manufacturer of Eddy Current variable speed drives, brakes and controls. They are simple to maintain & proven to outlast, which will dramatically reduce lifetime operating costs. For more information, contact Dynamatic® at (800)548-2169.


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