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Henri Azibert

STEM – Not enough or too much?

Contributor: Henri Azibert The acronym STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), has received much attention lately, primarily with the implication that…

Henri Azibert

Replace, substitute or upgrade?

Author: Henri Azibert When time comes to repair a piece of equipment, a difficult decision to make is whether parts should be…

Henri Azibert

Sealing Water in its Many Forms

Author: Henri Azibert Of all the fluids that are heated or cooled, compressed or expanded, powering drives or being pumped, the most…

Henri Azibert

Testing…a Reality Check!

Author: Henri Azibert With so many advances in computer simulation, there are times when people question whether physical testing is needed. Physical…

safety fluid sealing

Sealing for Safety

Author: Henri Azibert Industrial life has provided us with many benefits.  Reliable machines and abundant energy have made our lives easier, comfortable…

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