Engineer Spotlight: Meet Stephanie Villars at Applied Flow Technology

Applied Flow Technology
AFT Stephanie Villars

Engineer Spotlight: Meet Stephanie Villars at Applied Flow Technology

Applied Flow Technology’s support group is comprised of a team of highly trained engineers who are experts in all AFT products. They help troubleshoot models for customers, in a variety of industries, all over the world.

AFT’s engineers play an active role in the development and maintenance of AFT software products, and they help customers with issues ranging from installation to product training. They create software Help Files, generate Quick Start Guides and product materials, develop and lead training seminars, create educational video tutorials, and they create monthly Tips & Tricks for user’s to access in the AFT blog.

Read Stephanie’s latest article: “Where to Start with Pump Start Ups”

In this first of a series of four spotlights, we want to acknowledge Stephanie Villars, a Chemical Engineering graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics. Here is what she had to share!

“The thing I love most about working on the support team is the chance to help customers with a wide variety of challenges they bring to us for assistance. We have customers in a diverse range of industries and locations, which means that we are constantly seeing new questions come in for us to address.

There was one case I worked on with a client where they were using AFT Fathom to size a pump for their system. They had built several different scenarios, and had sent the data to a manufacturer to get information on some potential pumps that could be used in the system. However, when they entered the pump data from the manufacturer into the model, the pump was not operating at the sizing operating point. By looking over the models I was able to find some unit errors that had been made which were causing the differences, and I helped resolve the argument between the client and the pump manufacturer.

One thing I’m excited about for 2020 is that our developers added a lot of features which help speed up the model building process in the workspace. One feature that is useful for people modeling long pipelines is the new feature to “Split pipes at intermediate elevations.” This will let users import a table of elevations into one pipe in the model, then split that pipe as needed at certain elevations to add components, such as pumps or valves. Users will also be able to reverse this process by combining pipes as needed.”

Thank you, Stephanie, for giving the #PumpTalk Community a window into your engineering world!

Be on the lookout for news and updates about new product features by following AFT on social media! They’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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