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Rising to the Occasion when Water Rises Fast!


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This is a story about amazing teamwork, efficiency, and delivering a powerful dewatering solution to a remote mining site in the wilds of Papua New Guinea (PNG) – four weeks ahead of schedule. The AllightSykes team in Queensland, Australia, worked together and focused on the customer’s changing needs to achieve what should have been impossible. 

The Allightsykes team was already in the good books with Jason Coppard from Professional Pump Services Townsville. Jason on-sells pumps to the OK Tedi PNG mining operation and was very impressed with the superior performance and trouble-free operation of the first AllightSykes pumping unit that was supplied to the offshore location in 2017.

Jason contacted AllightSykes again when OK Tedi PNG needed additional pumping solutions for their ongoing dewatering needs. He initially ordered three CP150iC Perkins driven Trailer pump sets to be delivered on-site 10 weeks from order, but things changed quickly.

The rain in PNG started to fall, and the level of the rising water meant they needed to act much faster than originally planned. With urgency, Jason contacted Michael Hemmens, AllightSykes Regional Sales Manager in Queensland. It became clear that the mine site now needed the pumps in four weeks – not 10 weeks, so the question was, could the pumps be delivered?

Moreover, the order had also been upgraded to include an extra unit. So that was four Perkins CP150iC modular tandem axel ETO trailer pumps needed on site at the off-shore location in just four weeks. Yes, one month to get them prepared, delivered and commissioned!

Michael is famously calm in the face of a big challenge, yet he admits this request did test his resolve- momentarily. Of course, he kept his steady head and was soon planning the most streamlined approach with the local Allightsykes production team.

After checking inventory levels with Chris Obrien in Cardiff, Michael responded proudly, “I was very happy to tell Jason that Allightsykes could confidently meet that delivery target.” Michael explained that recent increased stock holding had allowed Chris O’Brien and their Cardiff crew to make some small adjustments to inventory and make it happen in the short time given.

“I would also like to express my appreciation – a massive thanks – to Paul White, Matt Caddies, and their production team,” states Michael. “Plus all the AllightSykes people working behind the scenes to support them, and for achieving our delivery target on these CP150iC Perkins driven Trailer pump sets.”

To learn more about the Allightsykes range of heavy duty pumping units and mine-site dewatering expertise, contact the Allightsykes team.

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