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A reliable wastewater pump to maintain EPA standards


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The Summerhill Waste Management Centre is a waste landfill site managed by the City of Newcastle. Receiving a wide variety of waste, the site is licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).


“With an EPA license, this client is committed to effective waste minimisation and recycling solutions. This means ensuring the long-term sustainability of their waste management operations. So, if a wastewater pump on site is not working when it’s needed, that’s a serious issue,” said Robert Pearson, Service Supervisor at AllightSykes, NSW.

With hundreds of vehicles bringing household general waste and green waste to Summerhill daily, the general waste is securely disposed in a lined landfill and the green waste is processed into mulch. It’s all this activity that needs a reliable wastewater pump to keep the site operations running smoothly.

“The client contacted us in regard to ongoing downtime of their existing wastewater pump. Their original pump was continually breaking down and not pumping wastewater at crucial times. To make matter even worse, there was a very long lead time for parts and repairs of the pump engine,” explained Robert.


“We realised they would benefit from a complete rebuild and refurbishment of their existing water transfer pump. So, we arranged a retro-fit to a Perkins 1104D44TA engine with new S17 controller and a Perkins Smart Cap,” he said.

The reliability of a Perkins engine is world-renowned. Even more, the Smart Cap is such a simple and effective addition to ensure reliability. Transmitting through a mobile app, the smart engine cap tells the client about the engine’s vital signs, including when it needs fluids replacement, service intervals and running hours.

“At the same time,” continued Robert, “we gave the pump a full rebuild, including sandblast, repaint and a general tidy up of the unit. We also fitted a canopy for increased engine protection and improved acoustics, so the pump is now much quieter when in operation.”

AllightPrimax“It looks so good; the client initially didn’t realise it was their pump when we delivered it. But, even more, the client is now very happy with the increased reliability. They now have a pump that pumps wastewater when it’s needed with less downtime,” said Robert proudly.

To learn more about the AllightSykes pump refurbishments, visit our website or email Robert at robert.pearson@allightsykes.com.


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