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    Wilo-Stratos D High Efficiency Circulator


    Up to 80% Energy Savings!*

    Energy is a valuable commodity. This is why Wilo created the world’s first high-efficiency circulator in 2001. With the help of ECM technology, this efficient, functional and flexible pump for heating, cooling, and air conditioning reduces annual power consumption by up to 80%. Standing for Electronically Commutated Motor, ECM essentially comprises a synchronous motor with a permanent magnet rotor. The unique rotor-stator construction helps eliminate electrical losses.


    • Hot Water Heating Systems
    • Closed Cooling Circuits
    • Air Conditioning Systems
    • Solar / Geothermal

    Features & Benefits:

    • EC motor technology reduces energy consumption by up to 80%
    • ‘Red Button’ technology and LEDdisplay
    • Lead/Lag operation with auto 24-hr alternation
    • Dual-volute design cuts installation costs by up to 50%
    • Optimized peak load operation

    Technical Data:

    • ΔP-V, ΔP-C, ΔP-T speed control or external signals with IF module.
    • Temp Range: 14°F to 230°F (-10°C to 110°C)
    • Electrical Connection: 1~230v (+/- 10%)
    • Max flows: 480 USGPM
    • Max Head: 43 feet

    Materials of Construction:

    • Cast Iron, Cataphoresis Coated Volute
    • Composite Impeller
    • Stainless Steel Shaft
    • Carbon, Metal Impregnated Bearing

    Compatible with IR Device & IF Modules

    *Compared to an uncontrolled circulator.


    Product by: Wilo USA