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    Wilo Helix EXCEL High Efficiency Multistage Pumps


    Helix EXCEL – the Excellent one!

    Whether used in buildings, to manage water, or for industrial purposes, the Wilo Helix EXCEL is EXCELLENT and EFFICIENT in all variants.

    Excellent performance with less power consumption greater than IE4 Thanks to use of ECM (Electronic Commutated Motor) technology in the high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps, the Wilo Helix EXCEL series can achieve motor efficiency levels of up to 94%, which is greater than the IE4 and NEMA 12-12 requirements of today thanks to the use of EC Motor technology.

    Excellent in operating
    Choice of control modes (speed control, constant pressure, dp-v and PID with different kind of sensors for operation delta p-c, temperature control)

    Excellent in BUS communication
    Interfaces for BUS communication via plug-in IF modules

    Excellent hydraulic performance
    High-performance hydraulics made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel produced with highest precision, using laser welding technology.

    Excellent in maintenance
    A significant advantage of the new Wilo Helix EXCEL is the cartridge seal system. It is easy to access, thus ensuring a significant reduction in the time generally required for a seal change to less than 30 minutes.

    DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION to learn more about the Helix EXCEL, which is designed for water supply, pressure boosting, cooling systems, boiler feed, pressure washing, and irrigation systems.