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    L3 Re-Engineered Pumps from Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.

    Leistritz L3 Re-Engineered Pump


    Why repair high maintenance or misapplied pumps when the Leistritz L3 Re-engineered pump gives you a drop-in replacement that may cost less than repairing the existing pump?

    In many plants, older, discontinued or inadequate pumps are a recurring problem that require constant attention. This means frequent downtime and lost production while back-up pumps are brought on line. It also means employing outside service contractors, or utilizing an already strained in-house maintenance crew and procuring expensive, long lead-time, replacement parts. Either way, ownership of older or overextended pumps is very costly. In the past, installing a replacement pump typically required extensive piping modifications, driver relocation and/or baseplate modifications.

    The Leistritz Re-Engineered Pump utilizes our standard 3-Screw Pump Cartridge with a fabricated casing to match your existing footprint and piping/driver connections. Our modern 3-Screw Pump Cartridge has only one mechanical seal, one bearing and no wear components, thus assuring reliable, efficient operation.

    Give Leistritz the dimensions and performance requirements of your existing twin screw, three screw, gear, piston, centrifugal or lobe pump. Leistritz will select the appropriate pump cartridge, which is the entire pumping element. Then we’ll insert this cartridge into a customized casing designed to match your existing mounting and piping configuration.

    The pump cartridge is fully performance tested and the casing is hydrostatically tested. The result…an all new direct drop-in Leistritz 3-Screw Pump that typically costs less than repairing the existing pump and usually greatly increases the pump availability.

    •  An all new pump, fully tested and warranted, to replace your present one
    •  Installation without hot work or electrical wiring issues (utilize existing baseplate and motor)
    •  Flow and pressure performance that match your current requirements
    •  Greater efficiency with the use of more advanced pump design
    •  The cartridge is a standard off-the-shelf unit for simplicity and fast turn around
    •  Much lower cost of ownership
    •  Greatly increases pump availability

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