IPS Beacon Pulse is an affordable, battery-powered, compact, standalone sensor package that monitors fluid conditions, records data and notifies users of undesirable operating conditions. The compact IPS Beacon Pulse fits in tight places to gather the operating data necessary to advance plant reliability to the next level.

    One of the first places the symptoms of either off-design operation or mechanical issues show up is in the rotating equipment’s mechanical seal. Common seal failure modes include excursions in pressure, temperature or dry running. Most often, equipment owners have no instrumentation directly monitoring the mechanical seal’s operating environment and rarely know precisely what the condition of the liquid in the seal chamber is.

    The IPS Beacon Pulse is a companion product for mechanical seals which enables users to “see inside” the seal, detect fluid conditions that are undesirable, and record data for later analysis to ensure mechanical seal reliability.

    Standard Bluetooth® connectivity is provided so that users can see a broadcast of seal chamber status, custom configure thresholds and read rates, and download logged data through the IPS Mobile Insight™ app. IPS Beacon Pulse empowers reliability teams by providing information about fluid conditions over the life of the mechanical seal that previously was not possible so that plant reliability can be taken to the next level.

    Functions Include:

    • Record
      • Presence of fluid
      • Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Vibration
    • Alert
      • High/low pressure
      • High/low temperature
      • Dry chamber
      • Wet chamber

    For compatible IPS Insight Software, click here.

    Product by: Flowserve