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    Pump Manager


    Pump Manager is a cloud-based performance management service that takes advantage of the built-in connectivity of the Armstrong Controller in the Design Envelope Pumps to deliver insight in real time.

    With this service in place, customers can make informed decisions and take immediate action to deliver the best possible HVAC performance. A landmark study by the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that, following a program of regular re-commissioning, buildings typically save 25%-30% per year in HVAC costs.

    Features of the Pump Manager service include:
    • Automated alerts (pushed via email or text at the customer’s choice)
    • Online trending and
    • Reports published with key information at a glance.

    Size: 1-1250 HP

    Benefits & Features:

    1. Maintain Optimal Performance

    • The automated alerts inform users of small variances easily corrected before they become bigger issues

    • The reports highlight load profiles that allow building operators to easily identify when loads don’t match occupancy

    • allocate resources to maintain only the pumps that need attention, rather than maintaining all pumps on a schedule

    2. Avoid Catastrophic HVAC Failures

    • Alerts capture the early warning signals often preventing complete pump failure which in turn can bring down an entire HVAC system.

    3. Faster Return to Service

    • Issues are often identified for the Service Technician so they can arrive on-site prepared
    • Online trends are stored on a cloud-based server, so the service technicians can access the trend data if not available on the pump