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Learn How to Diagnose Motor, Generator, and Transformer Faults


Motor Diagnostics Training

When: December 10-14, 2018

Where: Golden Nugget Las Vegas, 129 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101  |  Level II Class  | Group Code: GSALLTS

ALL-TEST Pro designs and delivers a comprehensive learning experience which includes motor diagnostics theory, new motor testing technologies, and covers field applications. Attendees learn how to diagnose motor, generator, and transformer faults with a focus on reliability and troubleshooting for predictive maintenance.

3-Day Motor Circuit Analysis
Three days of training on de-energized motor testing prepares you to troubleshoot all types of electric motors, coils, windings, and enhances your ability to improve the reliability and uptime of your plant.
2.5 CEUs

2.5-Day Electrical Signature Analysis
Two and a half days of training on energized motor testing teaches you how to evaluate many types of electric motor systems, further supporting your reliability program.
2.3 CEUs

5-Day Training – MCA & ESA
Attend all five days and learn both energized and de-energized motor testing technologies and techniques.
3.8 CEUs

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