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What Is The Energy Footprint of Sealing Systems?

The term carbon footprint has become synonymous with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change. Carbon footprint commonly refers to the volume of greenhouse gases, the most prominent of which […]

Financial Decision Methods – Payback and Internal Rate of Return

Whenever there is a decision to be made regarding an investment in equipment or systems to make operating cost improvements, companies typically want to know if the up-front investment to […]

How to Tell if Your Pump is Not Running Efficiently

Is your pump delivering the flow and pressure that the performance curve says it should? If not, then the next question you are likely asking is: why not? A pump […]

Best Practices to Seal Rotating Shafts for Low Temperature to Cryogenic Fluids [Fluid Sealing Association Whitepaper]

Pumping fluids at extreme temperatures presents many challenges to the shaft sealing system. It must ensure the pumped fluid is safely contained while providing long-term reliability. Many pump operators are […]

Avoiding Compressor Dry Gas Seal Contamination

Avoiding compressor dry gas seal contamination Dry gas seals are a crucial part of today’s centrifugal compressors. With dry gas seals, machined-in lift profiles on one side of the seal […]

Methods for Pressurized Seal Systems

There are many methods to pressurize the barrier fluid for a dual pressurized mechanical seal. Each method, or piping plan, uses a different mechanism to apply the pressure to the […]

Sealing High-Speed Shafts in Turbomachinery [Fluid Sealing Association Whitepaper]

In this technical whitepaper from Fluid Sealing Association Member, Richard Albery, Senior Gas Seal Engineer at John Crane, learn about how to seal high-speed shafts in pumps and compressors.  

Download the Life Cycle of Water [Infographic]

Water moves in a never-ending cycle, powered by nature to renew and replenish the Earth and all it’s inhabitants. Download this infographic, provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural […]

New Belgium Brewing Company Breaks Convention By Selecting Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Technology

New Belgium Brewing Company (NBB) has conducted on-site wastewater treatment at their Asheville, NC brewery in phases. As part of Phase 2, NBB elected to go against historical convention and […]

Why are mechanical seals still the preferred choice in the process industries?

The challenges facing process industries have changed although they continue to pump fluids, some hazardous or toxic. Safety and reliability are still of prime importance. However, operators increase speeds, pressures, […]

Electric Motors NEMA Premium® General Purpose Specification Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor 1 – 700 HP

The intent of this specification is to work in partnership with Electric Motor suppliers to supply quality motors that consistently perform with the highest efficiency, improved life cycle and lowest […]

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