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Wilden – Shifting Your Perception of AODD Pumps for Energy Efficiency

Concerns regarding the amount of energy that is consumed – and potentially wasted – by industrial facilities in the United States officially reached the highest levels of the federal government on Aug. 30, […]

Effective Sealing For Pumps With Elastomers

Pump engineers have a wide range of sealing options available to them which cater for the diversity of pump applications. In designing pumps and other associated equipment like compressors and […]

Measuring Sour Gas Resistance

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) is pleased to present technical data on measuring the Sour Gas resistance of their range of high performance EnDura and Perlast elastomers.

Tips For Improving Performance of Pump Packing

Most centrifugal pumps today have mechanical seals.  However, those pump that still use packing glands instead of mechanical seals require frequent maintenance and are more likely to show up in […]

Types of Fluoroelastomers Seals for Pump Users: Explained

Aggressive pumping environments can be problematic for pump engineers. On the one hand it’s impossible to design the pump to be resistant to every kind of chemical, while on the […]

VibrAlign – Coupling or Shaft Runout

On rotating machinery, runout is defined as the degree to which a shaft or coupling deviates from true circular rotation.  Every shaft or coupling has a center or rotation, or […]

Industrial Vibration Monitoring

When it comes to expensive rotating machinery, there is often a need to identify a problem before it occurs, as catastrophic failures are often orders of magnitude more costly than […]

North American Pumps Market for Sanitary Applications

The North American pump market for sanitary applications is growing along with its food and beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical end-user segments. Adoption of advanced pump systems in the region […]

Blackmer – SmartEnergy in Soap

The ongoing pace of product innovation requires manufacturers of soap and detergents to be versatile enough to not only efficiently produce their current products, but also the “next big thing” […]

Blackmer – SmartEnergy in Paint

As the most effective method for optimizing energy efficiency in paint and coatings operations is debated worldwide, manufacturers must find ways to respond to this challenge. Manufacturers in the closely […]

Mouvex – A Series Pump

Eccentric disc technology has gained legendary status in Western Europe as the pump style that measures its success over decades rather than just years. One specific eccentric disc pump style […]

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