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Shaft Grounding Ring Ensures Constant Flow of Clean Air at Nanotechnology Lab

A SINGLE SPECK OF DUST could spoil a whole experiment at Purdue University’s new Birck Nanotechnology Center. To minimize the likelihood of such a scenario, the building’s HVAC system has […]

University Protects HVAC Motors in Platinum LEED® Building

A new preventive maintenance program at a leading New England Ivy League university demonstrates how the push for more sustainable “green” building management has led to a growing awareness of […]

Reducing Energy Consumption With Graco Husky 1050e

Despite the fact that about 70% of factories use them, air compressors are one of the most expensive and least efficient sources of energy. Many times, the energy bills exceed […]

Energy Service Company Replaces Two Peristaltic Pumps with One Graco Husky 1050e

An energy service company that refurbishes catalytic converters for power plants previously used two 29 mm peristaltic pumps to move lime slurry at 20% to 30% concentration for each of […]

Root Cause Analysis vs Shallow Cause Analysis

When it comes to downtime, the primary focus usually centers not around why the problem occured, but on how the problem will be fixed in order to get people and […]

Root Cause Analysis Increases Locomotive Reliability at Amtrak

In 2006, Amtrak instituted a program that coupled Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to increase rolling stock reliability. The RCM-RCA program at Amtrak combined features of […]

Root Cause Analysis of Passenger Side Door System

This paper presents a real-world application of Root Cause Analysis methods that were applied to analyze and resolve a side door problem that was occurring on a particular fleet of […]

Getting to the Root Cause of Chronic Failures

The right combination of management support, an ideal analysis team, and proper application of root-cause analysis improves the bottom line. The objective of root-cause analysis (RCA) is to eliminate the […]

Advancements in Mechanical Sealing – API 682 Fourth Edition

API 682 is the leading document for mechanical seals in petrochemical, chemical, and pipeline services worldwide. It has combined the aspects of seal design, testing, standardization, and applications to provide […]

Specialized Hydrocarbon-based Grease for Cryogenic Applications

Introduction Cryogenics typically refers to operation at temperatures below 123K, or -150°C and in many branches of science and medicine it is necessary to perform experiments and run equipment at […]

The FM/IT Nexus – Remote Monitoring Solutions

In various places around the globe the built environment is being increasingly challenged by dwindling natural resources, climate change, increasingly complex building systems, terrorism threats, a shrinking skilled workforce due […]

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