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Isomag seals solve contamination issues for Sulzer pumps along oil pipelines.

The Enbridge pipeline across North America saw issues with bearing contamination in Sulzer pumps being sealed with industry Standard labyrinths. After Isomags were spec’d in 2008 the contamination was eliminated […]

Preventing VFD/AC Drive Induced Electrical Damage to AC Motor Bearings

The use of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) to control AC motors has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition to their low operating cost and high performance, they save energy. Today, […]

To Be Considered “True Inverter-Duty”, Motors Need Bearing Protection

All major manufacturers of 3-phase AC induction motors offer “inverter-duty” or “inverter-ready” models, but while these motors have inverter-rated insulation to protect the windings, their most vulnerable parts — the […]

Only AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings Provide Both Contact and Noncontact Grounding

The AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring’s patented Nanogap Technology ensures effective electrical contact even when physical contact is broken. Only AEGIS® Nanogap Technology provides both maintenance free contact and noncontact bearing […]

AEGIS® Ring Technology Comparison

Comparison of AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings to Discrete-Point Brushes Download chart below

Grounding HVAC Motor Shafts Protects Bearings, Lowers Repair Costs

Challenged to reduce energy consumption, facility managers are installing variable frequency drives (VFDs, also known as inverters) in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. By allowing motors to run […]

The Challenge of Mission-Critical Bearing Protection for Data Center Cooling

Because they provide the ability to precisely match cooling capacity to load, variable frequency drives (VFDs) are widely used in mission-critical data center applications. But, if the motors controlled by […]

Motor Shaft Grounding Rings Reduce Downtime/Repairs at Midwest Paper Mill

At a paper mill in the Midwest, every new motor controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) is tested, and if shaft voltages are found, the motor must be equipped […]

Cement Plant Protects Bearings with AEGIS® Grounding Rings

It seemed as though nothing could stop the squealing. Not that the Monarch Cement Company’s huge ball mill wasn’t already loud. Powered by a 5,000-HP motor, it pulverizes 100 tons […]

AEGIS® Rings Eliminate Bearing Damage at Water Treatment Plant

Dan Biby learned it all the hard way. An ordeal concerning several inverter-controlled pump motors with bearing damage made him a believer in the need for shaft grounding. Killer Shaft […]

Making Motors Sustainable at Time & Life Building

A preventive maintenance plan that reduces the total life-cycle cost of operations in a prominent building at the heart of New York City serves as a good example of how […]

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