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Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Bearings for Twin Screw Asphalt Pump Designed by Lancer Systems

Asphalt pumps typically utilize shaft bearings machined from sintered silicon carbide (SiC) primarily due to the hardness of SiC, which allows the components to withstand wear during the pumping of […]

Ceramic Matrix Composite Bearings Protect Pumps from Harsh Running Conditions

Sealless pumps use sleeve bearings typically machined from carbon graphite or sintered silicon carbide (SiC). The hardness of these materials allows them to withstand wear during the pumping of aggregate […]

Gasket Sealing for Glass-Lined Flanges

The chemical process industry uses glass-lined equipment due to its corrosion resistance against acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, as well as its smooth, anti-stick surface which allows for easy cleaning […]

Wastewater Treatment: Concerns & Issues [Infographic]

If you are wondering what is keeping professionals in the wastewater industry ‘up at night’, this infographic paints a picture of the major concerns. The infographic explains what is believed […]

Achieving Full Containment With Dangerous Chemicals

Several industrial processes, whether it be the refining of petroleum products, manufacture of pharmaceuticals or the treatment of wastewater, may require the use of dangerous or hazardous chemicals. Such hazardous […]

Webinar: Are your pumps ready for the new DOE regulations?

For decades, the U.S. Department of Energy has issued market-changing industrial electric motor regulations to improve efficiency. The most recent rules, which have gone into effect over the past two […]

Understanding the Wastewater Treatment Process

This chart has been created by KSB to help those wanting to better understand the wastewater treatment process. This handy infographic explains the following processes that occur during the wastewater […]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Flexible!

A Practical Guide to Managing Pipe Stresses and Nozzle Loading by Utilizing Rubber Expansion Joints   Pump engineers are justifiably concerned about the damaging effects of high nozzle loading. They […]

Efficiency, Life Cycle Cost, and the Eddy Current Drive

There is great emphasis on efficiency in the world today, and the manufacturers and users of adjustable speed drives are certainly not exempt from this concern. Determining the best drive […]

Valve Coatings Reference Chart

It’s no secret that the use of coatings in valves extends service life and helps improve operational efficiency as part of the pumping system, especially when used in conjunction with […]

ASHRAE HVAC Equipment Life Expectancy Chart

ASHRAE is the industry organization that sets the standards and guidelines for most HVAC-R equipment. They have published a chart that lists estimated life expectancy for various HVAC equipment. Complete […]

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