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Understanding Reciprocal Pump Cavitation

Occurring in all types of pumps and often experienced in reciprocal plunger pump applications, cavitation can cause serious damage to pumps over time, resulting in pump erosion, noise, erratic power […]

Lecture on Fundamental Aspects of High Temperature Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Part 3: High Temperature Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of the Boiler in Waste to Energy Plants

One of the characteristics of incinerators is that the waste used as fuel contains chlorine in high concentration. The chlorine reacts with alkaline metal, ect., to form a chloride,  which […]

July is Smart Irrigation Month, so Let’s Talk about Flow Control for Irrigation!

Next to having freshwater for drinking, water for irrigation systems is the second most important requirement for people – otherwise, we wouldn’t have fresh fruits and vegetables on our dinner […]

Gasket Fundamentals [eBook]

(Almost) Everything you want to know about Gaskets! This 8-page eBook discusses: Forces that occur in a gasketed joint Flange types and finishes Anti-seize compounds Seals Bolting Minimizing torque loss […]

Under the Scenes of Our Lives- High-Pressure Pumps-CO2 Injection Pumps

The CO2 injection pump plays an active role as a part of the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process that injects carbon dioxide (CO2) into the oil layer and recovers crude […]

Gasketing: Bolt Tightening Worksheet

Download this handy reference sheet from Durlon® Sealing Solutions to properly tighten bolts during gasket installation.

Suction Design Guide for Reciprocating Plunger Pumps

This Suction Design Guide from Triangle Pump Components is a handy resource that will better help you understand suction head calculations and installation considerations. In this guide, you will also […]

Thermafoil® Graphite Pressure Seal Data Sheet – EGC Engineered Solutions

Data is essential to ensure proper fit & function of a new Pressure Seal. Download this Data Sheet to select the existing seal you are measuring and replacing.  

Field Formulas for Plunger Pumps

Triangle Pump Components has created a handy field formulas reference card to help with quick calculations. Keep this card with you when working in the field or keep it handy at your […]

Suction System Problems and How to Prevent Them

Reciprocating pumps are often subject to suction system issues. Some of them emanate from a lack of maintenance and are preventable. Others, however, are caused by wear and tear which […]

High Efficiency Pumps & Circulators from Wilo

Energy savings solutions for HVAC applications – North America Energy is a valuable commodity. This is why Wilo created the world’s first high-efficiency circulator in 2001. With the help of […]

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