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    The RotaChock is an adjustable, self leveling and reusable equipment mounting chock.  The RotaChock is a blend of engineering and years of field experience to produce a strong, stiff and elegant device to end machinery softfoot.


    Chocks, liners and shims are placed between equipment and its foundation.  Chocks by any other name or of the many configurations and materials which are used throughout industry have two simple goals: create a flat mounting surface for the equipment and transfer of energy from the machine to the foundation.   The chronology of chocking began with milled foundations and fitted chocks which gave way to shims and poured chemicals.  All these techniques are good practices but at Machinery Mounting Solutions with experience in all these techniques we have developed the RotaChock with attributes that achieved the basic goals stated above plus we add reusability attributes that are unmatched in the field.

    RotaChock Details

    The RotaChock is a mechanical chock.  The core technologies are from diverse backgrounds of applications that are time-testing and standardized under a variety oftechnical organizations and societies.  We package these successful techniques differently and we made the RotaChock the easiest chock to install and reuse.

    We have blended technologies to evolve mechanical chocking and we proudly present a technically superior product.  The RotaChock can be provided in a variety of configurations to suit the application.  We manufacture the RotaChock in a variety of materials to suit applications and environments.

    The technical approach for the development of the RotaChock was to create the highest load rating viable while using the lowest yield strength material required by industry (316 Stainless Steel per API Guidance).  Our approach means the normal carbon steel and alloy steel chocks have an even greater margin of safety over and above the stated chock ratings.  The RotaChock is easy to install and can be adjusted with a variety of hand tools usually available in the field.  Also, the RotaChock needs to be reusable.  The ability to readjust the mounting plane to accommodate modularity of machinery, settling of the foundations and machine wear is an essential element to lowering life cycle costs of machines.


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