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Creating Effective Campaigns

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Creating Effective Campaigns

Ask yourself: what is the call to action for your social media campaign?

Are you asking customers to buy something? Do you want them to be aware of a new project or service? Do you want them to see your blog? Write down the main call to action for your campaign and work to create content that always relate to your mission. What do you want people to know about your on your social media today and for the length of your campaign? Put that up front.

Take Account of All Your Accounts: Many businesses have multiple Twitter accounts, half-completed Facebook pages, or an Instagram that was started but never finished. Get organized by creating a spreadsheet with every account username and password and consider deleting accounts that you no longer need or were only half-done experiments. Then consider each platform and what you like using the most and where the most followers will be engaged. Run your campaign on that platform using content that best suits it.

Update Your Information, Profiles, and Pictures: Campaigns might be ineffective if you do not have your most current contact information online and easily accessible. Before beginning any campaign, always check that your contact information in your profiles is up to date, so customers can be in touch with you easily. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What are your pictures saying about you online? Update your profile photos, cover photos, logos, and other photo albums with new images. Create a calendar reminder every 2-3 weeks to update these sections before new campaigns begin to make sure customers know about all the services and products you provide and how to best reach you.

Select a Social Media Goal and Follow Through: Brainstorm three potential goals that you would like social media to help you achieve — then pick one to follow through. Social media is an asset for goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, and customer retention. Pick the goal that you can meet quickly that your team will buy in to help you. Craft a social media plan that follows through on your goal. If you want more brand awareness, then you need exposure, influence, and engagement. Utilize social media posts that keep your brand’s message in the customer’s mind and note your metrics by looking at the “See Insights” area of your Facebook page and other social media outlets for views and reposts to starting seeing your goal come true.

Create Powerful Posts

Create the content that is important to your company’s brand and is supported by the platform you choose. Images and words are the best combination. Think about what can you say about your business that your competitors cannot say? What is your competitive advantage and what is the goal of your campaign?  Identify these and know that your campaigns can change based on your changing goals. Be sure to download the Measure Your Results to Prove Your Social Media Works guide to learn more about measuring your campaign success.

About the Author: Susan Chesley Fant is the owner of Castle Sands LLC, a digital marketing and social media consulting firm. She is also an Instructor of Digital and Social Media and the Corporate Director of the Masters of Marketing Program at the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce. To learn more, follow Susan on Twitter @susanchesley or online at

For assistance with your social media marketing, please contact to learn more about how we support social media marketing within the pump industry.

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