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Category: Sulzer
Sulzer Getting the most out of screw compressors

Getting the most out of compressors

How to optimize the performance and reliability of screw compressors in downstream applications At times of increased pressure on the petrochemical…

Sulzer Updating nuclear pump applications

Updating nuclear pump applications

Sulzer’s specialist expertise improves reliability and efficiency Legacy pumping installations in nuclear power facilities have been designed and manufactured using proven,…

Sulzer What’s that thingamajig Powered by People

What’s that thingamajig?

Latest Sulzer ‘Powered by People’ episode features experts explaining the technicalities behind some occasionally humorous engineering jargon Sulzer has released the…

Sulzer Outstanding results for 8 MW pump nuclear plant

Outstanding results for 8 MW pump

Sulzer overachieves stringent test criteria for main feedwater pumps in nuclear plant Equipment designed for nuclear power stations requires extensive testing…

Sulzer The change is blue

The change is blue

Sulzer Chemtech and Blue Planet announce partnership to help address climate change Sulzer Chemtech is enabling the further development and optimization…