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Who? What? When? Why Empowering Pumps?

Pump Industry Connect

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney made this statement, and it is one that resonates with me personally and professionally. As Empowering Pumps grows into its fifth year, it is really the result of collaboration between companies that makes us the connection hub for the pump industry.

Empowering Pumps is more than a digital publication. We’re more than social media magic-makers. We work hard every day to develop long-term relationships with companies that have value to offer the pump industry. “The pump industry needs a strong platform for communication. Working with Empowering Pumps gives our industry a stronger voice,” states Frank Taaning Grundholm, Global Strategic Director at Danfoss Drives. I was honored to hear this and equally flattered when Andre Davanzo, from Pump Engineer, recently declared that “Empowering Pumps is a major influencer in the industry.”

We pride ourselves in using modern technology to help people working in the pump industry – by informing them about current trends, sharing resources to further support their continued education, and connecting them to companies that provide products and services that may help make their day-to-day operations easier. This is why companies become sponsors of Empowering Pumps. “Their services go further than advertising,” explains Miquel Mahler of Proco Products, “Empowering Pumps advocates for their sponsors, connecting them to others within the industry and helping their businesses grow.”

So while sponsors may choose to work with us in different areas, whether it’s instant news or live coverage, online advertising, content creation, social media, featured content, videos, or webinars, we work to build and strengthen our entire digital network. “Empowering Pumps is integrated through several outlets,” quips Ian Baynes, Director of Global Marketing at A.W. Chesterton, “Each effort we make to reach our audience through Empowering Pumps has a longer life than a hard copy publication because Charli and her team circulate content through their many channels.”

As your company reviews its goals for growth, consider becoming part of these ‘forces working together’. Join our growing network, participate in #pumptalk, or become a sponsor. We’d love to get to know you!


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