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    Cost Savings can be Achieved with the Wilo TRE 312 High Efficiency Submersible Mixers


    Intake quantities to wastewater treatment plants can vary seasonally or due to weather conditions. In the TRE 312 series, Wilo has developed a highly efficient submersible mixer that is ideally suited to sludge activation using the MBBR method. The small propeller diameter means it can also be used in smaller activated sludge tanks. The new mixer ensures effective suspension and flow generation in the continuous biological cleaning process. This makes the Wilo TRE 312 an ideal addition to the existing product range of slow-running Wilo submersible mixers, complementing the existing range perfectly.

    The Wilo TRE 312 submersible mixer enables you to save energy costs. The new blade geometry and the highly efficient submersible motor ensure outstanding energy efficiency – even in energy-intensive continuous duty. And as the annual overall saving shows, the thrust required here can also be cost-effective.

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