White Papers and Case Studies

Two Steps To Increased Pump Life – (Part Two) Voltage Unbalance

We will look at the electrical side of the system and its effect upon motor life.

Two-screw pumps provide the right stuff for chemical processing needs

Frequently, two-screw pumps are a “last resort” because they can be a higher investment cost than centrifugal technology and are less known – but these factors...

Switching to Low-Sulfur Fuels in the Commercial Marine Industry

For more than 70 years, Colfax has been working with the commercial marine industry to keep pace with changing compliance and regulation demands, as well...

Take Control of Your Operations

Finding the proper pump for a specific production process requires a lot of legwork. Different pump modes of operation must be considered—from positive displacement...

Self Priming Pumps

The self priming centrifugal pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping...

Colfax Purifier Reduces Water Contamination of Lube Oil

A major global chemical company found itself facing costly condensation leaks at its Canadian isopropyl alcohol manufacturing facility. Not only did water condensing into a lubricant tank have...

Propeller Design Considerations

The propeller in an axial-flow pump is the main rotating component of the pump and its design. By spinning the propeller at a certain speed,...

Positive Displacement Pumps Part I – Reciprocating Pumps

There are many pump designs that fall into the positive displacement category but, for the most part, they can be nicely divided into two...

Positive Displacement Pumps Part II – Rotary Pumps

Rotary pumps are positive displacement pumps that utilize rotary, rather than reciprocating, motion in their pumping action. They can be designed to pump liquids,...

How Often Do You Repair Leaking Seals?

The cost of spares and technician repair time affected their bottom line, and asked CheckPoint to provide a replacement system using EPDM seals