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Introducing our UBW Molded Case Circuit Breakers


The UBW line of Molded Case Circuit Breakers is the newest addition to the WEG Automation Control Family of Products. The UBW line offers the quality, reliability and uncompromising protection that you have come to expect from WEG.

The UBW series has 7 different frame sizes, ranging from 15amps to 2500amps, and a broad offering of KAIC ratings. Accessories include 2 types of handles, rotary and flange style. WEG also offers a complete line of options that can be added in the field (with the exception of the 225 frame which has to be factory installed) including auxiliary, alarm, and a combination aux/alarm, as well as shunt trip and under voltage modules with a variety of voltages.

Our frame sizes 225 to 800 were designed with thermal and magnetic trip. Frame sizes 1200 and 2500 have electronic trip with optional maintenance mode to provide arc flash protection. Standard lugs are supplied with breakers up to and including the 800 frame. Lugs for frames 1200 and 2500 have to be ordered separately. The UBW series includes a large selection of optional load side lugs and terminals.

So remember, with just one call  to 1-800-ASK-4WEG you can satisfy all of your panel needs including application assistance for the best selection of the new UBW Breaker or any other Automation product. We are here to satisfy our customers and guarantee a worry free process.

View our UBW Brochure HERE

View our UBW Flyer HERE

View our UBW PowerPoint HERE

View our UBW Maintenance Mode (White Paper) HERE


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