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Reduce risk with a peristaltic pump tubing kit from a single supplier


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group fluid path solutions allow consistency and repeatability, safeguarding your biotechnology and pharmaceutical product development. We have now enhanced connectivity further with our new Sanitary LoadSure™ Fluid Path Kit which includes biopharmaceutical tubing and connectors assembled and bagged in a cleanroom environment, packaged with our new Q-Clamp and gaskets all supplied together from a single source.

Peristaltic pump users of LoadSure now benefit from faster connectivity and reduced risk with our pre-assembled peristaltic pump tubing kits which now include pre-validated Q-Clamp connectors and the appropriate gasket for the tubing type needed for your application.

Q-Clamp – Single-handed and tool free sanitary Tri-Clamp

Q-Clamp is a patented single-handed and tool free sanitary Tri-Clamp, qualified for use in biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. Q-Clamp comes pre-validated to simplify compliance with the latest industry regulations and GMP requirements.

High purity gaskets matched to your application

Our high purity Platinum-cured silicone gaskets are precision engineered to achieve a smooth bore, contamination-free fluid path under clamping compression. Our Platinum-cured silicone gaskets also come with our class-leading validation pack.

Our PolyClamp EPDM sanitary gaskets are precision engineered to achieve a contamination-free fluid path through a smooth bore under clamping compression. Unlike alternative gaskets, PolyClamp gaskets retain their geometric stability after repeat steam-in-place (SIP) cycles, ensuring compatibility with SIP validation in critical processes.

LoadSure for reliability

530 process pump LoadSure element changeover

LoadSure elements with D-connectors allow your pump tubing to be changed in less than a minute, without special skills, to achieve perfect tube alignment and tension.

LoadSure pumpheads guarantee correct tube loading

Watson-Marlow LoadSure technology offers snap-fit connectivity of your peristaltic pump tubing enabling one-minute maintenance. LoadSure elements offer greater reliability, ease of installation and increased productivity.

Pump and tubing have equal importance

It’s important to recognise that the pump and Tri-Clamp tubing combination are selected together to match your specific application criteria. Watson-Marlow are the only company that manufactures both the cased pumps and peristaltic tubing, a real advantage for customers wanting to be certain their peristaltic pumps will work correctly the first time and every time.

Below is a quick reference of the Watson-Marlow cased pumphead and Sanitary LoadSure Fluid Path Kits currently available:

Pumphead   Tubing type Gasket type Datasheet
520 Pumpsil, PureWeld XL, STA-PURE PCS Platinum-cured silicone Download datasheet
620 Pumpsil, PureWeld XL, STA-PURE PCS Platinum-cured silicone Download datasheet
720 Pumpsil, STA-PURE PCS Platinum-cured silicone Download datasheet
520, 620, 720 Bioprene PolyClamp EPDM Download datasheet


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