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Thermal Spray Society announces Hall of Fame recipients: W. Lenling and M. Fukumoto


William J. Lenling and Masahiro Fukumoto have been selected to become members of the 2018 Thermal Spray Hall of Fame by the ASM Thermal Spray Society Board of Directors.

Mr. Lenling is a co-founder (1992), and CTO of TST Engineered Coatings, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, which engineers and manufactures industrial coatings and coated components.

The award citation reads: For sustained achievements in entrepreneurial advances of thermal spray processes and proven leadership in establishing state-of-the-art production processes and high value in-situ quality monitoring manufacturing practices.

Achievements: Mr. Lenling’s work has resulted in many technical successes that were initiated in laboratory-scale studies. He then organized the resources necessary to bring about commercial success. These include solderable coatings for high-powered circuit boards, dielectric materials for electrosurgical instruments, wear resistant coatings for food processing components, metallurgically bonded coatings for oil & gas components, and high-volume thermal spray manufacturing techniques. His work has helped TST become a leading company in thermal spray innovation. TST currently employs approximately 200 people.

Prior to his activities at TST, he worked for Fisher Barton, Inc. of Watertown, Wisconsin, where he spent fifteen months at Sandia National Labs on thermal spray research. He has published several technical papers and has a variety of patents.

He has participated in and chaired many ASM Thermal Spray Society committees, and is a past secretary of the TSS Board. He has also served on other ASM committees, and is a past trustee of the ASM Board.  In 2012 he became an ASM Fellow.

Bill received a B.S. and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering (1985 and 1986).  The university awarded him the Distinguished Achievement Award in 2009.


Dr. Fukumoto is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan.

Award citation: For significant contributions to the development of thermal spray technology through innovative research, published papers, and leadership in TSS and Asian thermal spray societies.

Achievements: Dr. Fukumoto has published 200 academic papers, 200 proceedings of international conferences, and 21 patents in Materials Science and Engineering. He has supervised 20 Ph.D. students, 170 Master’s, and 50 Bachelor’s course students.

His research fields include Surface Modification: Thermal Spray, Cold Spray, Aero-Sol Deposition; and Bulk Welding: Friction Stir Welding, Spot Welding

The following is from Dr. Fukumoto’s university web page:

Development of advanced joining process is a main objective of my research. It involves both advanced surface modification technology and advanced joining process for bulk materials. Thermal spraying, cold spray and aero-sol deposition are the main in the surface modification process for the materials. A common feature in these three processes is a thick coating formation with Particles Deposition. Coating formation mechanism in the PD process is the current interest. Friction stir welding, on the other hand, is the main in the bulk joining. Non melting plastic flowing process instead of regular fusion welding should have a infinite possibility in the future welding or joining process field. Joining in dissimilar metals by friction stirring is the main interest in this theme.

Dr. Fukumoto  earned a Master of Engineering in 1980 and a Doctor of Engineering in1983 from Keio University, Japan.

Professional Highlights:

•   Class of Fellows, ASM International, Japan Mechanical Engineers Society, Japan Welding Society

& Japan Automotive Engineering Society

•   Thermal Spray Society Board: ASM International/TSS, 2010-2015.

•   President of Japan Thermal Spray Society, 2009-2015.

•   Program Committee, ASM/Thermal Spray Society, 2005-.

•   Awards Committee, ASM/Thermal Spray Society, 2006-.

•   Regular Board of Director: Japan Welding Society, Japan Institute of Metals.

•   Councilor: Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

•   Technical Program Chairman of ITSC-2004, Osaka Japan.

•   Chairman of ATSC-2005, ATSC, Nagoya, Japan.

•  Member of the ASM International, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Institute of Metals, Japan Thermal Spray Society, Japan Automotive Engineering Society.

•   Winner of 34 academic awards in various Societies, Int. Conferences and Journals.

ASM/TSS Awards: ASM Fellow, 2011; Certificate of Merit, ITSC 2000; Best Paper Award, NTSC, 1998; Best Paper Award, NTSC, 1995.


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