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Can a Gasket be Re-Used?


In the video above, Chett Norton, C.E.T., describes what happens when gaskets are reused and gives tips on achieving the tightest seal.

In March 2017, Triangle Fluid Controls  the manufacturer of Durlon sealing solutions started airing a brand new video series, SEALutions, to answer basic fluid sealing questions in 1-2 minute videos. Topics in this video series range from gasket installation to troubleshooting joint leaks, and any other topics industry professionals are curious to learn about.

SEALutions stars TFC’s Gasket Guru, Chett Norton, the QA & Engineering Manager at TFC with over 14 years of experience in fluid sealing and industrial process. Norton is a certified member with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (Mechanical Discipline) as well as an active participating member of the Fluid Sealing Association’s Gasket Technical Committee.

Gasket Material Selection Tools

When it comes to finding the appropriate gasket material for your system, gasket selection can be one of two things: confusing or intimidating. Some are not sure where to begin, while others find the thought of dangerous leaks or costly shutdowns put them on edge. To help ease the selection process pain, Triangle Fluid Controls has developed a few simple tools that will help with gasket selection.

Chett Debunks 8 Myths about Gaskets

Is thicker gasket material better? What do gasket colors indicate? Are torque values all the same for all gasket materials? Get the answers to these questions and more in Chett’s latest blog post: 8 Gasket Myths – Debunked!

Selecting Proper Gaskets for Water Treatment Facilities


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