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Top 10 Considerations for Specifying Backflow

Contributor: Watts
Backflow continues to represent a significant threat to our fresh water supply. Caused by a cross-connection between a potable water system and a suspected source containing used water, industrial fluid, gas, or any other contaminating material, backflow events are difficult to detect until irregularities are present and potentially serious symptoms arise.
With a backflow preventer that is properly specified, installed, and maintained, the risk of events due to backsiphonage and backpressure can be avoided. A poor choice of backflow preventer can have disastrous consequences for your community, environment, and potentially, your bottom line.
Specifying a correct backflow solution is dependent on the application. Awareness of the potential pitfalls presented by the plumbing system’s design is critical.

Review these Top 10 Considerations for Specifying Backflow


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