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STEP Ahead

Young female worker walking through the factory

Have you heard about the STEP Ahead Initiative?

STEP Ahead was launched in 2012 by the Manufacturing Institute to celebrate women in the manufacturing industry that are making a difference through advocacy, mentorship, engagement, promotion, and leadership.

Tonight, they are having a formal awards gala in Washington, DC. The STEP Ahead theme is IMPACT.  It makes me think about my mission to help Women in the Pump Industry  make an impact as well!  I think this study by Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte, and APICS is a great step to show the difference women are making and can make in the industry!

Pump Industry… We need to get involved and it is easy!  Here’s the tool kit by the Manufacturing Institute already designed for you! Participating in this initiative will help us make an IMPACT today and for the next generation of Women in Manufacturing!

Join me in honoring this amazing list of leaders in manufacturing and let’s work together to make sure there are more pump manufacturers on this list next year!

For me this program serves two purposes… Empowering Women and Closing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing!

How are you making an IMPACT?


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