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Spare Pump Parts from DESMI


Watch this 40-second video to look inside a DESMI Spare Parts Kit for an NSLH/V Centrifugal Pump.

DESMI stocks over 125 different Spare Parts Kits. Their ready-to-ship kits ensure maintenance and overhaul of your centrifugal and ROTAN gear pumps is easy and simple.

Benefits when choosing DESMI genuine spare parts kits:

  • Easy and convenient parts purchase
  • Most spare parts kits cover more than one pump. Some spare kits cover up to 30 different pumps.
  • A specially developed tool is included (used when replacing a mechanical shaft seal)
  • DESMI certifies correct parts every time
  • Good overview of your spare parts stock
  • Minimized downtime – time and money saved

Added benefit of a genuine kit – When using original/genuine spare parts, you guarantee correct operation of your pump, especially in relation to suction ability, volume, and efficiency – creating a long lifetime for your DESMI proven technology.

In addition, with a DESMI Spare Parts Kit, you will never have to worry about extended downtime of your pump. By supplying a DESMI Spare Parts Kit for every pump on board or in your facility, overhaul will be stress-free. Plus, DESMI spare part kits often fit more than one pump, making it versatile and convenient every time!

At desmi.com/aftersales you will find:

  • Spare parts kits overview
  • Manuals
  • Overhaul videos (complete overhaul of a DESMI pump)
  • Request for spare parts
  • Contacts and more!

Send DESMI a pump list and they will select the correct spare parts kit for your DESMI pump. DESMI After-Sales considers your problem their challenge, and they are prepared to serve you 24/7/365. Check here for an Aftersales rep near you!

DESMI has a variety of overhaul videos covering most of their commonly used centrifugal and ROTAN® gear pumps. In the videos, DESMI service engineers take you through the overhaul step-by-step, using the DESMI genuine Spare Parts Kits for the overhaul. The overhaul includes disassembling the pump, replacing the sealing units, gaskets, bearings, and completing the overhaul by reassembling the pump.

WATCH THE VIDEOS showing how to use the Spare Parts
Kits for overhaul of your DESMI pump.

REVIEW the DESMI Spare Parts Kits brochure.


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