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Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS2017

Industry News

Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS2017

Empowering Brands is the official Social Media Sponsor for the 46th Turbomachinery & 33rd International Pump Users Symposia in Houston, Texas, this December 12th through 14th. If you are planning to attend TPS2017, Participate in our event-wide Digital Media Scavenger Hunt!

It’s fun, easy, and you can win a cash prize for participating! Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Look at the list of scavenger hunt items on this page (shown below).

Step 2. While at the event, find and post pictures of each scavenger hunt item. Participants must mention @EmpoweringBrands with the hashtag #GETSocialTPS when posting their pictures to Twitter and/or Facebook (use whichever social media platform you love most!).

Step 3. Get your cash prize! There will be 3 Winners who will be announced in a Facebook live video stream from the Empowering Brands’ booth on the last day of the symposia.

  • The first person to post 25 scavenger hunt pictures to Twitter will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card;
  • The first participant to post 25 scavenger hunt pictures to Facebook will win a $100 Visa Gift Card;
  • One participant will be selected at random to win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Winners must pick up their cash prizes at the Empowering Brands’ booth (#1305)!

Scavenger Hunt Item Booth # Participating Exhibitors
Take a picture with an Empowering Brands’ Professional! Charli K. Matthews, Rebekah Mechtensimer, or Elisa Maenhout 1305 Empowering Brands
Snap a selfie with the TPS Logo Sculpture 2411 TEES – Turbomachinery Laboratory
Capture a selfie with the Alfred Conhagen Inc. of Texas Logo 2623 Alfred Conhagen Inc. of Texas
Grab a picture of Augmented Reality 2827
Capture a selfie in front of the Cincinnati Gearing Systems Logo 2641 Cincinnati Gearing Systems
Pose with Pete Rose Statue 2552 Exact Metrology
Snap a selfie in front of the Boedeker table drape 2245 Boedeker
Capture a selfie with the Industrial Info Resources Logo 1921 Industrial Info Resources
Snap a selfie with PERF Seal™ 1427 Boulden Company Inc.
Strike a pose in the Fusion booth 1526 Fusion Inc.
Take a selfie with the DamperX anti-vibration clamp 2416 Wood Group
Capture a selfie with the Nidec Logo 3035 Nidec Industrial Solutions
Snap a selfie next to the HX high speed gearbox display 2410 David Brown Santasalo
Take a selfie with something connected to John Crane’s 100-Year Anniversary 1827 John Crane
Capture a selfie with the Texas A&M Energy Institute logo 3219 Texas A&M Energy Institute
Snap a selfie using the Cobey, Inc. VR goggles 1734 Cobey, Inc.
Snap a selfie holding the PSAP Body of Knowledge with Application form 1214 Hydraulic Institute
Strike a pose with the Woodward Peak200 steam turbine controller 2705 Woodward
Capture a selfie with the National Compressor Services logo 3010 National Compressor Services, LLC
Snap a selfie with the Afton Pumps logo 1400 Afton Pumps
Take a selfie wearing the Bose QuietComfort Headsets that Keene Turbomachinery Services is giving away. 2150 Keene Turbomachinery Services
Snap a selfie with FS-Elliott compressor airend 2419 FS Elliott Co., LLC
Capture a selfie with the Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies logo 1537 Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies
Pose with the Ekato Combined Gassing System 2906 Ekato
Snap a selfie with a Field Industries booth display item and booth staffer 2550 Field Industries LLC
Take a selfie with the Torquetronic Continuous Duty Torquemeter 2634 Torquemeters Limited
Pose with the Cover of the Fluid Sealing Association Membership Directory 1200 Fluid Sealing Association
Capture a selfie with any of the Shaft Grounding Brushes on display 2627 Sohre Turbomachinery
Take a selfie with a Maag Pump Systems’ Gear Pump 1404 Maag Pump Systems
Find the card on the table that says “Free to Subscribe, Free to Renew” and snap a selfie with it! 2942 Gas Compression Magazine
Take a selfie with the Kulite Hologram Display 3040 Kulite Semiconductor Products
Get a selfie with Carbon Products for Mechanical Solutions 1220 Toyo Tanso USA, Inc.
Capture a selfie with the Fisher Products logo 1945 Fisher Products
Snap a selfie with the Schneider Electric ST-GOV1 2635 Schneider Electric
Pose with an Engineering Dynamics, Inc. employee. 2423 Engineering Dynamics, Inc.
Take a selfie holding an Emerson AMS 2140 2601 Emerson
Snap a selfie holding a copy of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine 2816 Hydrocarbon Processing
Take a picture alongside the Hitachi DSP Series 2935 Hitachi America, Inc.
Capture a selfie with the Lube-Power logo 1301 Lube-Power, Inc.
Pose next to the Ultra Low NPSHr LMV-803Lr Pump with Cartridge Seal 2223 Sundyne
Take a selfie with the Atlas Copco TurboBlock™ 2725 Atlas Copco
Pose alongside the Suction Valve with Unloader 1619 Hoerbiger Compression Technology
Snap a selfie next to the AxSTREAM software platform 1813 Softinway Inc.
Capture a selfie with the Stein Seal logo 2535 Stein Seal Industrial Division
Pose next to the CamGT 3V-600 high performance, air inlet filter 2445 Camfil Power Systems
Capture a selfie with the Sichuan Sunny Seal Logo 1718 Sichuan Sunny Seal Co., Ltd.
Take a selfie in front of the Flowserve Product Tower graphic 1435 Flowserve
Snap a selfie holding the Sulzer mushroom bluetooth speaker giveaway 2023 Sulzer
Pose near the Equity Engineering Group Banner 1101 Equity Engineering Group, The
Take a selfie with an Elliott Group “mini man” figurine 1819 Elliott Group
Take a selfie holding a BASF product bag 2724 BASF
Get a selfie with the Telescoping Magnetic Flex Flashlight 3013 Pioneer Engineering
Capture a selfie in front of the Turboflex Plus Banner 2235 Altra Industrial Motion
Pose with the big, green, API685 pump, Dickow model PRM 1300 Dickow Pump Company
Snap a selfie with a 3D printed impeller and/or core 1322 KSB Standard Alloys Engineered Services
Take a selfie with a Ludeca booth staff member 2735 Ludeca
Pose alongside a KRAL pump model 1235 KRAL-USA Inc.
Snap a selfie with the WEG MV Motor and Soft-Start Combo 1401 WEG/Electric Machinery
Take a selfie with the Flexxor coupling 1535 Coupling Corporation of America
Snap a picture of the Simulator for Internal Alignment 2734 ACQUIP
Come snap your selfie with Voith’s 150th Anniversary logo flag 2145 Voith
Capture a selfie with an issue of Pumps & Systems magazine in front of their new backdrop 1217 Pumps & Systems magazine

*To comply with the TPS “no photo” policy, the scavenger hunt photos must be selfies or pictures taken of a person/people with the items.

If you have any questions, contact for information about the #GetSocialTPS Scavenger Hunt!

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5 responses to “Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS2017”

  1. […] in our Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS 2017 and you could win up to (3) $100 Visa Cash Gift […]

  2. […] in our Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS 2017 and you could win up to (3) $100 Visa Cash Gift […]

  3. […] in our Social Media Scavenger Hunt at TPS 2017 and you could win up to (3) $100 Visa Cash Gift […]

  4. Cieana Detloff says:

    Facebook Live video of our first winners! Congrats to Hans and Cory for being the first to post 25 scavenger hunt pictures!

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