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Pumping Systems and Controls Training

SWPA Pump Training April 2017


Pumping Systems & Controls Training

March 14 & 15, 2018
Doubletree Rosemont – O’Hare, Chicago, IL


SWPA is hosting a 2-day training session that combines their two highly successful training programs into one comprehensive course. Day 1 will be a general session for all attendees, and Day 2 will break out into two separate tracks: Pumping Systems Training and Controls Training. The Pumping Systems Training seminar teaches “the systems approach” to lift station design, operation and maintenance, while the Controls Training seminar guides participants through the rapidly changing world of pump station controls and control considerations.

The Keynote Presentation

The Keynote presentation will be focused on “The Systems Approach to Lift Station Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance” and will describe in detail how taking a systems approach can benefit design engineers, specifiers, manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, contractors, and end users. The session will also explain Life Cycle Costing (LCC), energy conservation, and related topics as they impact “The Systems Approach.”

The Keynote Speaker will be Ernest C. Sturtz, P.E., BCEE, Associate, CDMSmith, and industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the design, implementation, and troubleshooting of water and wastewater pumping station products.

Day 1 Sessions include:

  • Design of submersible pumps including impeller types & applications. Speaker: Steve Doolittle, Zoeller Company
  • AC electric motors for submersible pumps. Speaker: Chris Caldwell, Pete Duty & Associates
  • Special presentation by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago
  • Pumps in VFD applications. Speaker: Sulzer/ABS
  • SWPA 201: Cavitation & air entrainment in wastewater pumps. Speaker: Chris Caldwell, Pete Duty & Associates
  • Counterfeiting trends. Speaker: Jack Creamer, Schneider Electric / Square D
  • Flushable Consumer Products – Effective Methods to Eliminate Clogging of Pumps. SpeakersWes Haskell, Ebara Fluid Handling, and Lisa Riles, Goulds Pumps (A Xylem Brand)

Day 2 Sessions include:

Pumping System seminar track

  • Grinder pumps in pressure sewers. Speaker: Walt Erndt, Crane Pumps & Systems.
  • Pump station valving. Speakers: Bo Andersson, Flomatic
  • Pump testing and acceptance standards. Speaker: Barry Jongsma, Pentair
  • Design of small circular wet wells. Speaker: Matt Johnson, Flygt (A Xylem Brand)
  • Converting conventional dry pit solids handling pumps to electric submersible pumps. Speaker: Matt Johnson, Flygt (A Xylem Brand)

Controls seminar track

  • Schematic diagrams /dedicated pump controls. Speaker: Jeremy Drinkwine, SJE Rhombus
  • Electrical starting methods for submersible pump systems. Speaker: Jeff Mills, Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley
  • Controls 101. Speaker: John Evans, Motor Protection Electronics
  • PLC controls. SpeakerJack Creamer, Schneider Electric / Square D
  • Universal enclosures, thermal management solutions & safety. Speakers: Mark Eubanks, Schneider Electric / Square D
  • Control systems…bringing it all together. Speakers: SJE Rhombus & Schneider Electric
  • SWPA 201: Introduction to SCADA. Speaker: Schneider Electric
  • Hands-On Panel Assembly & Troubleshooting. Speakers: Jeremy Drinkwine, SJE Rhombus


SWPA will be issuing Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) / Certificates of Completion for either one- or two-day attendance to this seminar. 



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