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Pump Person of the Week – Jeremy Donch


Empowering Pumps continues to shine a light on individuals making valuable contributions within the Pumping Industry. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Donch, and here is what he had to share!

 Q: How did you get started working in the industry?

Tri-State Bearing & Supply Co., Inc. was started in 1980 by my father, Tom.  We were the typical bearing and power transmission distributor who worked with electric motor and pump rebuild shops in the New York metro area.  I grew up in the company holding every position on my way up, which is critical now that I have a leadership role. We work with the electric motor and pump repair industry and help our clients find the right parts they need to repair their pumps, motors, and other industrial equipment.

Q. Is this what led you to develop www.pumpnameplate.com?

Yes! In 2016, we began offering pump rebuild kits designed to save our clients time and money.  We launched www.pumpnameplate.com so our clients can email us or text us a photo of their pump nameplates, and then we can provide a cost effective pump rebuild kit. You see, OEMs do not typically manufacture their own parts – the mechanical seal, for example, the sleeves, gaskets, and o-rings – these are all aftermarket components that repair and maintenance professionals are typically trying to source; so what we do is provide the same parts that the OEM would, but at a significantly lower cost.

Q: What do you love about your job?

Every day is a new challenge.  We perform a lot of “hands on” work, finding our clients the right parts every time.  Not only do we offer the pump rebuild kits, we have a mechanical seal engineer on staff who performs application engineering, identification services, and failure analysis along with many other functions. Offering our clients options by saving them time and money is my reward. I enjoy working with the many different people in our industry and learning new information daily.  It has been wonderful to see the company take off in a new direction under my leadership, and I’m excited to see where our new chapter with www.pumpnameplate.com takes us.

Q: Do you have any advice for people new to the industry?

Donch: Don’t be afraid to use social media! We love Instagram (@tristatebearing @pumpnameplate @tristatembs)!! So many people are using that platform to help find their replacement pump parts, identify mechanical seals that come off their equipment, talk to one another – it’s really powerful! The industry will hopefully continue to embrace social media to work together!

Mr. Donch, thank you so much for your time and for the products and services you are providing to the industry! We look forward to following you on Instagram and other social channels!



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