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Pump Person of the Week – Jason Pinzak


The Empowering Brands team was in Chicago at AHR Expo (check out the videos from the conference floor!) and we met an HVAC Engineer that has been designing large buildings since 1996. Chances are, if you’ve been to a Target retail store or a Home Depot in the Northern United States, this Pump Person of the Week has likely been involved in the design of the building!

Meet Jason Pinzak, HVAC Engineer at Metro Tech Service Corp. in Gurnee, Illinois! When we spoke with Jason at AHR Expo, this is what he had to share:

“I love working with people, interacting with other engineers, architects, and customers to accomplish goals, diagnose and solve problems, and ultimately design a building – which involves several phases from design through completion.”

When I asked him about his visit to AHR Expo, Jason responded: “With R22 being phased out, the HVAC industry is adapting to new technology, so AHR Expo was the best event to attend so I could learn about the new technologies available for designing HVAC systems.”

He explained that there are often pumps designed with freeze protection that work to recirculate water and prevent coils from freezing in colder temperatures. Anyone living in locales with frigid temperatures can appreciate these pumps working behind the scenes!

On behalf of the Empowering Brands’ staff, we appreciate your contributions to the HVAC Industry, Jason, and look forward to including you in our Annual Pump Person of the Year Award!

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