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Pump Person of the Week – Bill Gaidosek

Pump Person of the Week Bill Gaidosek

Empowering Pumps recently began inviting people to Nominate a Pump Professional, and today’s Pump Person of the Week is Bill Gaidosek. This is what he had to share!

“I started working for Gould’s Pumps, sweeping the floor, then moved into Shipping and Receiving. I learned all the names of the parts and worked my way into sandblasting, painting, then mechanic and machinist work. I love the satisfaction of a ‘job well done’! I love knowing that the equipment I repaired is going to perform as effectively and efficiently as if it were in new condition. My favorite work is to repair boiler feedwater pumps because they are the heart and soul of most plants and refineries. My advice to ‘newbies’ in the industry would be this…it can take years to learn part names and what those parts do, so don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions from the “older”, more experienced workers still in the business. It’s all hands-on training work – so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty 😀.”

On behalf of the entire Empowering Brands staff, Thank you for being a Pump Person of the week!

Know an Amazing Person who is making valuable contributions within the Pump Industry? Nominate them to be “Pump Person of the Week”!



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