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    Wilo TR 50 Submersible Mixer


    The primary efficiency improvement in Wilo’s TR family of mixers can be seen in the TR50 through TR90 medium speed mixers.

    First, Wilo employs gear driven mixers in the medium speed size range, as opposed to the direct driven units used by most competitors. Utilizing 4, 6, or 8-pole motors, coupled with 14 different gear sets, Wilo can provide a wide speed range for each propeller size. Speeds range from 110 rpm up to 560 rpm for gear driven mixers. This allow us to “dial-in” the most efficient selection for your application.

    More energy consumption is required to spin a propeller faster than it does to rotate it slower. Given that the TR series Low and Medium speed mixers generally operate at a much slower propeller speed, they consume less energy to perform the same job, all the while, providing mechanical reliability.

    Finally, Wilo’s polyurethane propellers have the ability to be cast into the optimum hydrodynamic shape and design, permitting superior hydraulic performance. The industry standard is to use a flat metal blade that is so inefficient it requires the mounting of a ring around the perimeter of the blade to “re-direct” the wasted radial flow. However, all major competitors use non metallic blades in their largest slow speed mixers, because it’s the most efficient design. Wilo uses no metallic blades as our standard propeller material.