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    Experience gained from extreme environments such as off-shore oil & gas installations has led to the creation of the SPP FM/UL Vertical Turbine range of fire pumps. This range has been approved for fire protection by FM Approvals and Underwriter Laboratories, and is fully compliant to NFPA 20.

    Whether the fire protection water source is located below ground or deck level, the best technical pumping solution is the Vertical Suspended Multi Stage Turbine Pump. With this type of unit, the impellers are fully immersed in the water and maintain prime at all times. The pumps are driven by vertical electric motors or by diesel engines through a right angle gearbox.

    SPP Vertical Turbine pumps can be custom engineered for the oil and gas industry and can handle fresh water or sea water for cooling purposes, fire protection duties, general water supply and washdown or drill water. They can also be used for handling crude oil or controlling spillages. For platform or jetty locations, they can be provided with a below-deck discharge.


    • Office Buildings

    • Hospitals

    • Airports

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    • Power Stations

    • Pharmaceutical Facilities


    • Sprinkler Systems

    • Hydrant Systems

    • Deluge Systems

    • Monitor Systems

    • Water Curtain


    • Space saving

    • Low maintenance costs

    • High hydraulic efficiency

    • Priming problems eliminated since pump ends are submerged in liquid

    • 60 models, with bowls, heads and columns optimised for performance and cost

    • Wide choice of materials

    • Diffuser bowls ensure balanced axial loading

    • Soft packing or mechanical seals

    • API construction

    • Approved to FM and UL standards, all of which are compliant to NFPA 20

    • Nuclear certification

    • Dry and wet well installations

    Product by: SPP Pumps