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    Thrustream-Split Case Pumps

    SPP Pumps

    SPP has been manufacturing fire pumps for over 135 years with one of the widest range of approvals of any manufacturer in the world.

    Experience gained from extreme environments such as offshore oil & gas installations has led to the creation of the SPP FM/UL Thrustream range of fire pumps. The Thrustream range has been approved for fire protection by FM Approvals and Underwriter Laboratories.

    SPP Thrustream FM/UL Approved Fire Pumps are available for duties ranging from 200 USgpm to 5000 USgpm and are suitable for electric or diesel drives. SPP also supplies Vertical, End-Suction and In-line pumps. SPP Thrustream FM/UL Approved Fire Pumps are available with either inch or metric fittings.

    SPP Pumps


    • Office buildings

    • Hospitals

    • Airports

    • Manufacturing facilities

    • Power stations

    • Pharmaceutical facilities

    • Schools/College


    • Sprinkler systems

    • Hydrant systems

    • Deluge systems

    • Monitor systems

    • Water curtain



    • Axially split casing – rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipework

    • Exceptional hydraulic efficiencies

    • Double and single entry back to back impellers reduce end thrust, increase efficiency and bearing life

    • Modular design for maximum interchangeability (multiple impeller selections)

    • Stainless steel impellers and shaft as standard

    • Internal high efficiency coating as standard

    • Cartridge mechanical seals as standard

    • Double row thrust bearing

    • Wide operating range and extended bearing life

    • Reduced efficiency degradation

    • Approved to FM and/or UL standards

    • In compliance with NFPA 20

    • Used in pump as turbine applications

    Product by: SPP Pumps