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    Fire Protection Vertical In-Line Pumps

    SPP Pumps

    The SPP line of vertical In-Line fire pumps are lightweight and compact for smaller pump rooms. They eliminate the need for coupling alignment and there are fewer lost or misplaced parts. SPP Vertical In-Line Pumps are available for duties up to 1500 USgpm and are suitable for electric drives only.

    SPP Vertical In-Line pumps can also be offered as pre-wired packages that include a limited or full service controller. Every package is mounted on a steel fabricated base with the motor wired to the controller. The automatic air relief valve, casing relief valve, suction gauge and discharge gauge are mounted on their respective spool pieces. Additional piping, valves and sensing lines are available with the In-Line packages. The SPP In-Line package system also includes a jockey pump and jockey pump controller.

    SPP Pumps


    • Office buildings

    • Hospitals

    • Airports

    • Manufacturing facilities

    • Power stations

    • Pharmaceutical facilities


    • Sprinkler systems

    • Hydrant systems

    • Deluge systems

    • Monitor systems

    • Water curtain


    • Space saving

    • Low maintenance costs

    • High hydraulic efficiency

    • Priming problems eliminated. Pump end submerged in liquid

    • 60 models, with bowls, heads and columns optimised for performance and cost

    • Wide choice of materials

    • Diffuser bowls ensure balanced axial loading

    • Soft packing or mechanical seals

    • API construction

    • Approved to FM and UL standards, all of which are compliant to NFPA 20

    • Nuclear certification

    • Dry and wet well installations

    Product by: SPP Pumps