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    New screw pump series L from KRAL

    image of KRAL L Screw pump

    The initiative for simple operation: The new KRAL L series screw pump – manufactured with quality, durability, low wear rate, and ease of maintenance.

    KRAL L series screw pumps deliver lubricating, non-abrasive and chemically neutral liquids. They are primarily used in industrial applications, such as:

    • Oil burner technology, as high pressure burner pumps and double stations up to 35 bar.
    • Marine applications, as lubricating oil pumps up to 63 bar.
    • Mechanical engineering, as high-pressure hydraulic pumps up to 63 bar.
    • Lubricating oil pumps with a maximum intake pressure of 16 bar.
    • Process engineering, particularly the production of polyurethane for highly viscous polyols and pressures up to 40 bar.

    The new L Pump has a simply selection and is easy to operate.

    The L series gets its name from its long construction. The long spindles allow a discharge pressure of up to 900 psi. From the smallest to the largest size, all L pumps are generally available with top and inline flanges. Reliable starting, minimum wear and easy maintenance keep operation simple. The main spindle of the L pump can be disassembled together with the seal casing, as all rotating parts are pre-assembled in

    the removable end cover. This makes the L series particularly easy to assemble, dismantle and maintain. KRAL L pumps use lifetime- lubricated, external ball bearings. FKM sealing discs with high temperature stability prevent wash out. This increases the life of the bearing and reduces maintenance costs.

    Many Advantages – an Easy Decision

    The pump casing is specially heat treated to improve its anti-friction properties and minimize wear. There are different types of DIN 24960-compliant mechanical seals to choose from, depending on the operational requirements. The hard face mechanical seal option contains graphite for reduced friction in dry running conditions. Also available are magnetic coupling and radial shaft seals. The O-rings of the hard face mechanical seal have a high fluorine content. This high quality material is chemically stable and can tolerate high temperatures without lasting deformation. Pump heating is available as an option and ensures easy startup, even at low ambient temperatures. The innovative one-piece casing design guarantees that pressure-side leakages are a thing of the past. The flange is designed in compliance with ISO 3019. This allows the pump to be connected with conventional standard pump brackets. This design minimizes the volume required by the magnetic coupling option.

    For additional information, visit: www.kral.at