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    TYPE 5610

    John Crane

    Universal Cartridge Seal Family — Single Cartridge O-Ring Seal

    The first truly universal cartridge seal, the Type 5610 will change your approach to sealing. Since the 5600 Series components are interchangeable, you can apply one seal family throughout your plant. This gives you the flexibility to cover more applications with less inventory, which means your maintenance is simplified, downtime is reduced, plant operating efficiency is increased and costs are lowered.


    • Incorporates an elastomer O-ring as the secondary sealing member.
    • A common seal head/mating ring set, utilized throughout all versions, is reversible to allow rotating seat/mating ring or rotating seal head operation, and is interchangeable with metal bellows seal heads.
    • Reversible seal head.
    • Fits ANSI, ISO and DIN seal chambers.
    • Optimized primary ring design for greater reliability.
    • Non-clogging wave spring outside the product.
    Product by: John Crane