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    John Crane

    Intelligent Seal Water Control System

    SmartFlow intelligent seal water control system uses seal water only when the mechanical seal truly requires cooling. The purpose of seal water is to cool a mechanical seal and lubricate the seal faces. Each seal type has specific flow requirements for seal water. Exceeding these flow requirements does not bring any benefit and generates extra costs due to increased water consumption. SmartFlow satisfies the increasing need to protect our environment and reduce seal water usage and associated costs.


    • Compact and simple to install.
    • Based on field tests and laboratory experiments, this system saves up to 97% of seal water compared to flow meter regulated control systems.
    • Operation based on heat-activated shape memory alloy device; automatically adjusts to new operating conditions.
    • No electrical power requirement.
    • Fail-safe design and operation.


    PRESSURE                            44 to 230 psi(g)/3 to 16 bar(g)

    TEMPERATURE LIMITS          300°F/150°C

    Seal water outlet: 100°F/35°C

    Product by: John Crane