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    Sithe by Barnes


    Submersible chopper pumps designed to chop and macerate solids in extremely challenging waste water applications.

    Sithe is the solution to prevent pump clogging caused by non-dissolving solids in waste water streams. Easily passes wipes, swiffers, plastic bottles, mops, shirts, nylons …
    Sithe’s patent pending slicing mechanism reduces solids to prevent downstream clogging and blockages in piping, valves and head works.

    Sithe’s elegant but rugged design results in industry leading product reliability.

    Sithe features easily serviceable blades and plug-n-play “quick connect” cord to simplify and reduce maintenance costs.

    Sithe chopper pumps will solve clogging problems in the most demanding applications:

    • Trailer Parks
    • Prisons
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Retirement Communities
    • Truck Stops
    • RV Parks

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    Sithe chopper pumps have valuable features including:
    • Plug-n-play “quick connect” cord that simplifies maintenance

    • Upgradability with current Barnes submersible solids handling pumps

    • Liquid cooled motors that have higher heat dissipation

    • Proven Barnes mono vane and dual vane non clog impellers

    • Non proprietary double mechanical seals

    • Moisture detection sensor

    • Robust heavy duty bearings cooled in oil bath

    • 8 to 10 year mean time between service calls

    • Improved efficiencies compared to vortex impellers, reduced acquisition cost and operating cost


    Technical Specifications
    DISCHARGE:                  4”, 6”

    VOLUTE:                       Cast Iron

    MOTOR HOUSING:         Cast Iron

    SEAL PLATE:                  Cast Iron

    IMPELLER                      Mono Vane & Dual Vane, Ductile Iron

    SHAFT:                         416 Stainless Steel

    HARDWARE:                 300 Series Stainless Steel

    LIFTING BAIL:              300 Series Stainless Steel

    PAINT:                         Axalta™ Corlar® Epoxy, Two Coats

    SEAL:                          Tandem Mechanical, Oil Filled Resevoir

    Motor End:                   Carbon/Ceramic

    Pump End:                   Silicon Carbide

    Cord:                           Plug-n-play Quick Connect Cord

    SPEED:                        1150 RPM 1750 RPM

    UPPER BEARING:          Single Row, Ball, Oil Lubricated

    LOWER BEARING:         Double Row, Ball, Oil Lubricated

    MOTOR:                       Oil-Filled, Squirrel Cage Induction,

    Inverter Duty Rated per NEMA MG1

    HORSEPOWER:             7.5HP to 60HP MAX HEAD 170ft MAX FLOW 2500gpm

    CraneSubmersible chopper pumps designed to chop and macerate solids in extremely challenging waste water applications:

    • Patent pending cutting system that uses a “Slicing” action versus harsh chopping reducing stress on shaft and mechanical seals
    • 440C Stainless steel heat treated to 56-60 HRC and tempered for toughness
    • Open center cutter design prevents material buildup and clogging




    “ The detachable cable makes maintenance much easier” – Jay Roberts, Operator
    “ The plug saves you three to four hours pulling the pump!!” – Carl Harmon, City of Danville