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    1622 Low E Valve Packing


    Chesterton’s award winning 1622 valve packing solution is designed and independently tested to provide valve fugitive emissions sealing in compliance with EPA Low E Packing requirements for consent decrees in both the Chemical and Petrochemical processing industries.  Tested performance to API 622 Standard, 1622  provided an average leakage of 12 ppm with no retorques required.  1622 is designed to be used in all API600, 602, 603, and 623 valves that will need to comply to the new API 624 Standard for Low Emission Valves.

    Chesterton’s 1622 Packing solution has been recognized by both Chemical Processing Magazine and the National Pollution Prevention Round Table [MVP2] for its both its overall contribution to the reduction of air pollutants within the Chemical and Petrochemical processing industries. Please follow the links below for more information on this award winning solution:

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